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 In today’s society we trade one derogatory term for another. We baby one group of people and neglect another. We say society makes us a certain way, when we make society. People want to bee victims. We make rules about what race jokes can be made and what ones can’t. We say this group is racist but that group can’t be. We need someone to blame because responsibility is a thing of the past. We want to bitch about the thorns on roses and refuse to see the roses.

"Gamer Girls"


There are “Gamer Girls” and then there are Gamers who are girls. If you’d rather post constant pictures of your pink xbox pad or taking a selfie of you holding a game rather than actually talk about canon or gameplay or graphics or maybe just playing a damn game apart from Call Of Duty or Battlefield then you’re just an attention seeker. A gamer isn’t defined by their gender, they’re defined by their love of Games and you know, actually playing fucking games instead of posing with them.

So you’re telling me that a “gamer girl” will buy an expensive as fuck video game console, and the expensive as fuck video games for it….just to take pictures of herself with it? o.O WHAT? 

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